WhatsApp Tricks 2021, Top 15 Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks  Secret Feature , nowadays all people have Whatsapp account , you will get Whatsapp app installed in any mobile, all people use it because This is a popular social messaging app whose popularity is all over the world because it hasWe get many features, on this we can chatting with our friends, we can also do voice calling and video calling to them, we can also create our own Whatsapp group. But there are some such feature or setting of Whatsapp which many people do not know about. In this article, I am going to tell you about the secret features and tricks of similar.

15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)

I have already done many posts with Whatsapp Tricks, but today I am not going to tell you about one or two but 15 i.e. 15 such Whatsapp tricks about which you may not know.

By using these Secret Whatsapp Tricks, you will be able to take advantage of all its features. We get many features in WhatsApp but many people do not know about all its features, so in this post I am going to tell you about top 15 secret and funny tricks of Whatsapp.

Top 15 WhatsApp Tricks  2021

1. How to Hide Active Status in WhatsApp:

Many people think that can we hide active status on Whatsapp then yes you can do this, you can hide your activity from your friends by hiding last seen and read receipts.

After hiding last seen, your friend will not be able to see your last seen when you were online and after hiding the read receipt, blue tick will not appear on seeing the message and your friend will not know that you have seen his message .

2. How to Send or Send Messages in WhatsApp Without Clicking on the Send Button

  • First of all open WhatsApp and then 3 dot will appear on the right side by clicking on them and click on setting.
15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)
  • Now click on the account option here and then click on privacy.
15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)
  • Now here below you will see the option with read receipt, it will already be ticked by clicking on it and untick it.
  • Then click on last seen, here everyone will be selected, in this select nobody.
15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)

Friends, as you must know that whenever we send a message to our friends in WhatsApp, we have to click on the send button, but if you keep chatting continuously on WhatsApp, then clicking on the send button again and again is not good for you. If so, is there such a way?

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So that we can send the message without clicking on the send button, yes it is possible that you can make the send button on the enter button of your mobile keyboard and then again and again you will not have to use the send button in WhatsApp and from your mobile keyboard itself. You can send message to your friend.

  • For this, go to the setting and then click on the option with chats. Here you will see the option with enter is send, click on the box next to it and tick it.
15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)
  • Now you can go to anyone’s inbox and see, here you will see the send icon from the keyboard of the mobile.
15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)

3. Hide Media Files from Gallery in Whatsapp

On WhatsApp, your friends keep sending you some media files like image videos etc. And that media shows in your phone gallery, you will know this but if you want, you can also hide all the media from the gallery.

With this, if your friend or anyone sends you media like photo videos etc., then it will not show in the mobile gallery i.e. it will not be visible.

15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)

After going to Whatsapp setting, click on the option with chats. Then here the media visibility option will appear below, in which show media in gallery will already be ticked by clicking on it and uptick it.

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4. Set Custom Notification in WhatsApp.

We keep getting messages from many people on Whatsapp, now if you want any of your best friend, family member etc. to message you, then you can easily know then you can use custom notification for this.

You can select notification tone in custom notification, so you will easily know who has messaged you.
You can also select different different notification tone for your different Whatsapp friends, this is a very good way, without seeing the message and listening to the tone, you will know who has sent the message.

  • Now go to the inbox of any of your friends for which you want to select custom notification.
  • Then click on his name above there, here you will see an option with custom notification, click on it.
  • Then tick the box with use custom notification and by clicking on the notification tone, you can select any tone or song from your mobile here.
15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)

5. Add Privacy to WhatsApp Status

Everyone knows that we can upload status in Whatsapp but do you know that you can also set privacy in your status i.e. who you want to show your status and who do not want to show, you can select this status. By using the privacy option, we can hide our Whatsapp status for some people.

15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)

6. Pin the Chat in WhatsApp

If you are also added to many Whatsapp groups and you keep getting a lot of messages daily, then because of this you will not be able to see the messages of many important people, there is also a solution to this problem, you can pin the chat in WhatsApp.

And maximum 3 chats can be pinned in this, because of this, the people whose chat you have pinned will be visible to you on the first number i.e. first, this is also a very good feature and some people still do not know about this Whatsapp tricks. To pin it, hold it with your finger and then click on the pin icon.

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7. How to Tag Members in WhatsApp Group?

Many people join WhatsApp group but they do not know that we can also tag any members in it like if you are chatting in Whatsapp group.

So if you have to ask or say something to a person, then it is better to ask by writing his name and mention him because it is a very simple way.

First of all go to any Whatsapp group and type @ this symbol in a message, then you will start seeing the names of all the group members, click on whoever you want to tag and then send any message by writing it.

8. How to Stop WhatsApp Media Auto Download

Friends, you must have seen that whenever your friend or someone sends media like photo or video etc on Whatsapp, the photo gets auto downloaded.

And similarly when you connect your mobile to any WiFi, then all the media like photo, video, document, audio etc. automatically starts downloading.

By the way, this is a good feature because if you go to a place where there is WiFi then it will auto download all Whatsapp media without spending mobile data. But when we connect our mobile to our WiFi or other mobile hotspot.

Even then this media auto download starts and a lot of our data is spent due to this, then we can easily disable Whatsapp media auto download, for this follow the instruction given below.
  • After going to the setting, click on the option with data and storage usage here.
15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)
  • And then here the option with media auto download will appear when photos will be selected in using mobile data, if you want that whenever mobile data is turned on, no media is downloaded automatically, then by clicking on it, untick the option with photos and ok.
15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)
  • Now when connected on WiFi will already select all files, click on it and untick all files and click on ok.
15 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2021  (Funny tricks and Secret)

9. How to Download Whatsapp Status?

Everyone uploads their status in Whatsapp, some people put photos in their status and some put status in video, can anyone’s whatsapp status be downloaded i.e. save in mobile gallery?

This remains the question of many people, although there are many apps available to download the status, but without using any app, we can download WhatsApp status.

  • First of all you have to open WhatsApp in your mobile and see the status of anyone.
  • Then after seeing the status of your friend, go to the file manager in your mobile, then a folder with Whatsapp will appear here, click on it and click on the option with media.
  • Now 3 line (menu) will appear here, by clicking on it go to setting and then there will be an option with show hidden files, enable it.
  • Now a folder with statuses will appear here and here all the statuses that you have seen will be shown, now you want to save any of these status in the mobile gallery, copy it and paste it in any folder of internal storage or SD card storage. This is an amazing Whatsapp tricks.

10. Change or Change WhatsApp Chat Background.

If you are also bored by seeing the default background of WhatsApp and want to change it, then you can easily do it, in this we can add our photo or any wallpaper in the chat background, so that it looks better than before. There is a very good Whatsapp trick, about which some people do not even know.

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11. Send Any photo Without Losing Quality

Friends, you must have seen many times that whenever you send a photo to your friend or anyone through Whatsapp, you had to send the photo to him in high quality but he gets that photo in low quality, so many people have this question. Whether the picture can be sent even after loss of quality from Whatsapp, then you can do it but for this you have to use simple Whatsapp tricks.

  • You have to open Whatsapp in your mobile and go to the inbox of the friend to whom you want to send the photo.
  • Then here you have to click on the attachment icon below, but here you have to note one thing that you have to select the document option, not the gallery option.
  • After selecting the document, click on the option of browse other docs..
  • Then you will see your recent photo here, if you want to see all your photos, then you can click on the option of pictures, then click on any photo you want to send to your friend and then click on send option.
  • Now your photo will be sent successfully but it will be sent by document, so there will be no difference on the quality of the photo and the quality of your photo will not be lost.

12. WhatsApp Chat Mute & Unmute

Friends, all people chat with their friends on Whatsapp, but if you do not want to talk to any person and he is repeatedly sending you message on message, then it is normal for you to get angry but if you block him for some reason. If you do not want to, then you have only one option that you mute his chat, so that person sends as many messages as you want, you will not get notification of him, many people use this feature to ignore their friend or anyone. do when someone bothers them.

  • Open your Whatsapp messenger and click on the chat box of whose chat you want to mute.
  • Then you will start showing some options, click on the option of the icon with sound off.
  • Then you will be shown the option with mute notification
  • After that the time will also be shown, you can select the time for which you want to mute the chat.

13. Send App from Whatsapp

Many people have such apps or games in their phones, which they want to share with their friends, but if your friend lives with you, then you can send the game or app to him via bluetooth or wifi, but if your friend is out somewhere. i.e. in another city

And if you want to send any app to him, then you have to send it online using any sharing app or messenger, by the way, almost everyone uses WhatsApp messenger to share all types of files.

But can the app file also be sent with this, then yes you can do this and for this you will not have to install any third party app in your phone, it has already been told in your post, which you can read from here.

14. Create and send WhatsApp Sticker from Your Photo

You must have known about the Sticker feature of WhatsApp, but now you can also use stickers while chatting with emoji and GIF, this is a very cool and amazing feature provided by WhatsApp.

Which everyone does it, but do you know that you can also make a Whatsapp sticker from your photo and send it to your friends, many people will not know about it but you can do it and you can do it with any of your friends. You can also convert the photo into a sticker, I told about it in the post.

15. Hide WhatsApp Chat

In Whatsapp, if you want to hide your conversation or chat, that is, what you have talked to your friend or any person, you do not want to tell anyone, by the way, you can also delete your chat.

But sometimes some people do not want to delete their conversation and also want that it should be hidden from other people, then it is possible that you can hide your Whatsapp chat i.e. if anyone opens Whatsapp in your phone then it Your chat will not show, for this also I have already told all the information in a post.

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